Gibraltar wedding videos

Montana & Gels

St Michael Cave ceremony

25th june 2016

Making a movie of your wedding day that will recreate the emotion and memories forever it is to create a wedding video you will have as the most important memory from the most amazing day of their lives, this is a high responsibility.

All films are shot by creative director and cinematographer, Degree in Film & TV production along with many years experience of filming & editing, We like to work discreetly, in the background, capturing the real emotions of a story as they naturally unfold.

For the past ten years we have had the good fortune of documenting weddings in our sunny and scenic Gibraltar.

Montanna and Gel wedding was a amazing wedding. Bride preparation took place in the luxury yatch Sunborn   a casino yacht where we have performed several weddings over the sea, the ceremony was in the spectacular St. Michael’s Cave in the heart of the Rock, a gallery of caves lit up and decorated for wedding.

From the cave to Mons Calpe Suite one of the most luxurious restaurants and certainly with the best view of the Rock, located on the top of the mountain you can only access it via a cable car,  a gala dinner entertained that several groups and singers and where we also highlight the liquor sferification a completely liquid cocktail in a thin layer of jelly.

Bodakids Wedding Video – Gibraltar



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