The Palace of Miramar is one of the most exclusive venues for the celebration of a wedding, Like all wedding photographers or videographer we have certain preferences within the city of Malaga of venues such as hotels, country houses, palaces, castles that for their charm, exclusivity, Service or catering differ from the competition. Palacio Monte Miramar is one of these 5 top venues for weddings in Málaga that we would put in our list next to the Santa Catalina Castle, Hacienda el Álamo, Hacienda Nadales or the Hotel Miramar. In the city of Malaga we do normally Spanish weddings, although nowadays there is little difference between a Spaniards wedding or the rest of the world wedding, being small details and customs what differentiates each one. The wedding of Marina and Salva was a gift for us, with a couple who love photography and videos, it is much easier to make a wedding story, as wedding photographer and videographers we want to thank them for their sympathy, their treatment and how easy they made us to do our job.  

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